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plucky    adjective
pronounced /ˈpləkē/
having or showing determined courage in the face of difficulties.
"the plucky design studio always delivers"

Plucky Ltd. is the London based branch of Plucky.

Plucky is a motion graphics design studio and full-service production company producing narrative content that engages audiences across all media.

Plucky has produced material for projects of all sizes from blockbusters to independent films, for television and on streamers, and advertisements for regional and national campaigns.

Our management team collectively brings more than a century of experience in motion graphics, production, and entertainment. We bring that knowledge and our own Plucky style to every project.

We love tea and gin. And we even speak the lingo… have a Butcher’s for yourself, pick up the old Dog and and give us a Brussel.

And we protect your bottom line as we are eligible for UK tax incentive projects.